How to Use This Site


The Smart Columbus Operating System features an Open Data Platform, which provides anytime access to data that keeps the city mobile.

Integrated and open, the data presented here will spur new business opportunities and insights for better day-to-day planning and decisions. On the street, the platform will enable people to make better, more affordable and more logical mobility choices in real time, making it easier to navigate our city. Shared data will power applications and solutions for multimodal trip planning, mobile fare payment, parking location and more—all working to make life easier.

We challenge and encourage you to access our data to help make the city smarter.

About the Data

Data on the Open Data Platform has been vetted by a Smart Columbus Data Curator. We strive to provide data that is high quality. Metadata is curated in compliance with Project Open Data standards, to maximize machine readability and thus utility. Data is also curated to preserve the privacy of people traversing our city. We are committed to protecting the individual privacy and security of all data.

Searching the Data

Start by vising the Data page of this site. You can navigate the datasets by:

  • Searching by keyword using the search bar. You can choose how the results are sorted by clicking "sort by."
  • Filtering by Tag. Tags are assigned by the Data Curator.
  • Filter by File Format. Look for data by a particular format such as JSON or KML.
  • Filter by Organization. Find data by contributor, including City departments, private companies and other sources.
  • Browse the page to show all available datasets. Check that no search or filters are applied to view all datasets.

Exploring the Data

The Open Data Portal enables you to download the dataset, or explore it right on the page. As you explore, you can filter the data fields to choose which fields you see in order to view the data in different ways.

Data that contains location information can be shown on an interactive map. Data can also be graphed. To graph data, choose your desired data set fields and graph options. You can change and reset your maps or graphs as needed - it will not impact the dataset.

You can also share a dataset to social media, view its specific license, detail and past version.

Downloading the Data

Available file formats will be shown via the colored buttons displayed. Common data formats include:

  • .CSV, which stands for Comma Separated Values. This data can be opened in almost any spreadsheet application.
  • .ZIP, which is a compressed archive that must be “decompressed” prior to viewing the data.
  • .GZ, another compressed archive that must be “decompressed” prior to viewing the data.
  • Many computers can uncompress/”unzip” files downloaded as archives. A quick web search can provide instructions.

Unlocking the Power of the Data

We invite you to help Columbus realize the power of data in transforming mobility. Download a dataset and identify its creative applications. Contribute data that can unlock the answers to problems we face. Harness our data to develop an app or mobility service that connects people or disrupts the way we get from Point A to Point B.

The Smart Columbus Operating System is developed using Agile methodology, so updates occur every two weeks. Check back frequently for updates and new datasets. Once you’ve reviewed the data, we invite you to rate it, to help us assess its accuracy and utility.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to make our city smarter through data.