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Jupyter is an open-source analytics notebook that assists data scientists in analyzing and visualizing data. To learn more about Jupyter’s capabilities, view documents, and get support visit their website.

The BETA Waitlist Is Now Open

Our current version of JupyterHub is in limited Beta release. If you’re interested in using JupyterHub on the Smart Columbus Operating System, add your name to the waitlist for a Beta account.

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We leverage JupyterHub to create single-user instances of Jupyter Notebooks. We believe people of all technical skill levels should have access to the data needed to change their world. To help users easily accomplish this, we create and manage each users’ Jupyter Notebook server. We're actively working to create a user-friendly experience for people from all backgrounds.



We are currently only supporting Python3, but we're planning to expand our offering to several popular languages within the data science community.



When creating a notebook, the Jupyter kernel uses the Python3 environment on the notebook server. The server comes with the SciPy package, which includes a great deal of packages that support working with big data. If you would like to learn about the Python packages included in SciPY, the documentation can be found here

We also include the Leaflet package so our users can create beautiful visualizations using the operating system’s geolocation data.


Jupyter Notebooks support the ability to install external Python libraries using pip and conda. More information about installing external python packages can be found here.