Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
Transit Accessibility Dashboard

CURIO, short for Columbus Urban and Regional Information Observatory, is an easily accessible collection of digital visualizations of open data. Created by researchers at the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis at The Ohio State University with support from the College of Arts and Sciences, CURIO demonstrates the value of open data. Users can explore the people, places, and phenomena of our region in an engaging and interactive way. CURIO provides value to researchers and citizens alike in the form of real-time COGO bike and dock availability, traffic conditions, air quality information, and bus delay patterns to name a few. Users can overlay one or more datasets on a map of the region to see patterns and relationships spatially and temporally. CURIO includes a map gallery featuring dozens of datasets ranging from points of interests and parking meter locations to community demographics. This collection of data features two analytical “apps” that allow users to explore delays in the COTA bus network and range of transit accessibility given a particular starting point and time constraints.

The transit accessibility tool allows users to see what bus stops can be accessed from a particular origin based on allotted transit times and particular dates, published schedules, and live bus data. This powerful tool provides a visual outlook of mobility on the COTA bus network, including how delays impact access to transit. Click on the image below to view the dashboard.