Nearly 83% of Columbus residents drive alone in their car to and from work each day. With this high of a single occupancy vehicle rate, it can be imagined that parking is in high demand and use throughout the Columbus region. This community expects to welcome an additional 1 million residents by 2050 - if all of these people drive their own vehicle and mobility habits don’t change, developers will likely build more parking lots to match demand.


Weather has a major impact on mobility decisions in central Ohio. Situated in the middle of Ohio, the Columbus Region has a varied climate, exposing residents to cold winters and hot, humid summers. Parking managers want to know the effect of weather on parking usage, so that they can adjust their field personnel resources based on weather forecast. Do drivers park differently based on weather? Are certain lots in low demand when weather is severe? Which lots require more attention during severe weather? Are more drivers opting for alternative modes when the weather is nice, thus not needing a parking spot? These questions can be answered with data.