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Open data – machine-readable information, particularly government data, that’s made available to others – has generated a great deal of excitement around the world for its potential to empower citizens, change how government works, and improve the delivery of public services. It may also generate significant economic value.

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Data, when applied, analyzed or combined, can be transformative. And it starts by bringing it all together. Smart Columbus is asking you to share your data to strengthen our collective access to information and insight.

If you have data that could provide value to Columbus’ mobility ecosystem, Contact us to tell us about your dataset.

You’ll be contacted by a Smart Columbus Data Curator, who will assess the potential applications of the data, its usability and readiness for publication. They will work with you to ensure the data is current, protects individual privacy and is in compliance with Project Open Data data sharing standards, in order to maximize its machine readability and utility.

Once the data is approved, it will be prioritized and scheduled for deployment by the Smart Columbus Operating System development team. The process may take several weeks, but your Data Curator will be in touch with you along the way to share the progress of your dataset’s release.

Have a dataset you’d like to share, or suggestions for datasets that would benefit an application or service? Contact us to share your ideas.

Thank you for helping us realize the potential of data.